Viento X23

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  • 【USA Pickleball Approved】The Vinsguir professional-level pickleball paddles were approved by USA Pickleball for official tournaments, which you can find on the website of USA Pickleball. As light as 7.9 oz, this pickleball paddle delivers better maneuverability and generates more head speed. Less stress on shoulder & elbow for any level of play.
  • 【Max Spin with Frosted Carbon Fiber Surface】The revolutionary RTL Textured Surface Technology invented by Vinsguir creates optimal spin and impressive power, thanks to the highly textured surface made from water-soluble resin and quartz gravel.
  • 【Premium Multi-Layer Materials】 The Vinsguir pickleball paddles have taken the pickleball world by storm with the scientific approach to paddle making. A unique, strategic design combining multiple layers: Abrasion Sand-Blasting Process, Premium Carbon Fiber, and 16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core offers reduced vibration and unparalleled control, making it last longer and easier to hit difficult shots and outplay your opponents.
  • 【Largest Sweet Spot with a Larger Face】 An innovative upgrade, the Vinsguir VIENTO X23 features a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness, and an elongated handle for ample reach and easier two-handed shots. The perforated ridge grip is moisture wicking to keep your hands fresh, and creates an optimum hold performance and increased shock absorption.
  • 【Most Popular with the Pros】The Vinsguir VIENTO X23, with its amazing touching, unmatched control, and cool, sleek Iron Man face design, is proudly the top choice for pro players like you to maximize your wins!

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