Vinsguir, Tridder's sub-brands, originally meaning storm chaser, is a brand inspired by Warren Faidley, the very first, full-time professional storm chasing cinematographer who is obsessed with pursuing the planet's extreme weather and taking photos of tornadoes and hurricanes. What’s behind this raw courage is Faidley's passion. Just like Faidley, so born of the love for fitness, Vinsguir came to the world.

Our Concept

Passion is the most natural fuel for motivation and love is the strongest force in life. When your goals are truly connected to your deepest values, you will fight wholeheartedly for your mission; and it has nothing to do with fame or gain. Pure love demands nothing in return. At Vinsguir, we free fitness from performance and bring that original fun spirit and childlike heart back. Through our lifelong dedication and absolute professionalism, we serve to rekindle your passion for fitness and life.