UnityPower Serve

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Beyond the Game: At VINSGUIR, we champion the strength of community, the power of empathy, and the importance of genuine connections. Our mission is straightforward yet profound: to spread awareness, inspire hope, and foster understanding. We are committed to championing equality and embracing diversity.



Lightweight Paddle Design: The dimensions of the paddle (Length: 10.63 inches, Width: 8.1 inches) ensure a substantial sweet spot, crucial for beginners and advantageous for seasoned players. Weighing just 7.23-7.58 ounces, it is 5%-7% lighter than comparable pickleball paddles, making it an excellent choice for players seeking agility and ease of use.

Power-Enhancing Construction: The VINSGUIR pickleball paddle is crafted with a polymer honeycomb core and finished with fiberglass, offering dynamic and powerful returns. The honeycomb core effectively minimizes vibration, providing a solid feel with every shot. Meanwhile, the premium fiberglass surface enhances spin, taking your gameplay to the next level.

Ergonomically Designed Handle: The handle is designed with ridged, perforated grips, ensuring a comfortable fit in your hand, reducing slippage, and increasing durability. The 4.8-inch handle length guarantees a secure grip, enhancing your performance. With its soft lining, this set makes an excellent gift for female players seeking both quality and comfort.

Ideal Gift: This set includes everything needed to equip a pickleball court, making it the perfect choice for both novices and experienced players. We've completely upgraded the pickleball bag; it's now waterproof, lined, and offers two ways to wear it. Its great looks make it a wonderful gift for your friend.

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