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  • 【Compliment Winning Cool Design】Be a pickleball superstar and wow the crowd with the unique, cool & artistic design of the Vinsguir pickleball paddle! Enjoy not only its optimally balanced mix of power, spin, forgiveness, and maneuverability that help you reach your peak performance but also get ready to be showered with compliments on its one-of-a-kind patterns.
  • 【Specially Designed for Beginners】The Vinsguir pickleball racket features a premium fiberglass face for exceptional power and a Polypropylene Core for maximum control. With an incredibly light weight of 7.8 oz, it is amazingly easy to maneuver and swing, perfect for beginners who are just starting to develop their strokes without feeling overwhelmed. The lightweight is also easy on the wrist, so even the elderly can play comfortably for hours.
  • 【Comfort Handle for More Winning Shots】The Vingsuir pickleball set is built with ultimate comfort in mind. The contour grip (4.92” L, 4.25” CIR.) is comfy to hold and easy to swing, making it easy to get the hang of the game quickly. The wider face (10.63" L x 8.07" W x 0.47" H) offers a consistent, generous sweet spot so that even as a beginner, you can control the ball and hit a predictable shot even if the ball is hit off the center, giving you more winning shots during match play!
  • 【Honeycomb Core for More Pop & Less Injury】 The Vinsguir pickleball paddles (set of 2) boast their long-lasting durability and powerful responsiveness with the solid construction of durable fiberglass paired with polymer honeycomb cores. The higher density thanks to smaller honeycomb cells translates to a feel-good nice "pop", and reduced vibration for less common injuries such as tennis elbow.
  • 【USA Pickleball Approved】 USA Pickleball (formally known as USAPA) is the National Governing Body for pickleball in the U.S. Vinsguir pickleball paddles have been officially approved by USA Pickleball for Tournament Play. Embark on your pickleball journey with our complete pickleball set including 2 premium fiberglass pickleball paddles, 2 outdoor pickleball balls (40 holes), 2 indoor pickleball balls (26 holes) & 1 pickleball bag, and bring your A game with it in the tournament in no time!

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