BrightMind Rally

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Beyond the Game: VINSGUIR's commitment transcends the court, reaching deeply into the heart of our community. Our actions are designed to significantly impact the lives of those battling the shadows of depression, demonstrating our dedication to more than just sports.

Lightweight Paddle Design: With dimensions of 10.63 inches in length and 8.1 inches in width, our paddle offers a substantial sweet spot, essential for beginners and beneficial for experienced players. Weighing between 7.23 and 7.58 ounces, it is 5% to 7% lighter than similar types of pickleball paddles, facilitating ease of use and enhanced performance.

Power-Enhancing Construction: The VINSGUIR pickleball paddle, featuring a polymer honeycomb core and a fiberglass finish, guarantees dynamic and powerful returns. The honeycomb core significantly minimizes vibration for a solid feel with every shot, while the premium fiberglass surface improves spin, thus elevating your gameplay.

Ergonomically Designed Handle: Our handle, designed with ridged perforated grips, ensures a comfortable fit in your hand, reducing slippage and enhancing durability. The 4.8-inch handle length secures a firm grip, boosting your performance. Coupled with a soft lining, this set stands out as an excellent gift for female players seeking both quality and comfort.

Ideal for Friend: This complete set includes everything needed to equip a pickleball court, making it an ideal choice for both novices and seasoned players. The pickleball bag has been fully upgraded; it is waterproof, lined, and offers two versatile ways to wear it. Its stylish appearance makes it an excellent gift choice for your friend.

"Enlighten Your Passion"

is more than a motto; it's our promise to ignite your game with our energetic designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Dive into the dynamic world of Vinsguir and elevate your game.