Beachfront Rhapsody

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  • Exceptional Performance and Durability - Elevate your game with the VINSGUIR Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle Set, engineered for top-tier performance and lasting durability. Each paddle is constructed from premium fiberglass material, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure unmatched stability and control on the court.
  • Universal Tournament Standards - Certified by USA Pickleball for Tournament Play, the VINSGUIR paddles meet professional requirements. The set includes four paddles, each featuring a broad 10.6 x 8.15-inch face with an extensive sweet spot for enhanced playability. Dimensions are meticulously crafted at 15.5" L x 8.15" W x 0.5" H, incorporating a soft edge guard to safeguard against wear and tear. The set is complemented by standard-sized balls, 2.95 inches in diameter, perfect for both competitive and recreational play.

  • Comfortable and Breathable Grip - Designed with the player in mind, the handle measures 4.92 inches in length with a 4.13-inch circumference, suiting a wide range of hand sizes. The high-quality grip material ensures a comfortable, non-slip hold, enhancing your grip stability and confidence through every game.

  • Wide Sweet Spot - Precision-engineered for superior performance, our paddles offer a generously sized hitting area. This design increases forgiveness and accuracy, empowering you to unleash powerful, precise shots. The expansive sweet spot guarantees that even off-center hits pack a punch, accommodating players across all skill levels.

  • Comprehensive Package - The set includes four lightweight yet robust fiberglass paddles, enabling swift, precise movements during play. Accommodating various play settings, it comes with two balls designed for indoor play and two for outdoor use, each selected for its excellent bounce and durability. Additionally, the VINSGUIR set features a convenient paddle bag for easy transportation, ensuring you’re game-ready wherever you go.

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