Vinsguir, Trideer's sub-brands, takes its inspiration from Warren Faidley, the pioneering full-time professional storm chasing cinematographer known for his relentless pursuit of extreme weather phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

This raw courage stems from Faidley's unwavering dedication to his craft. Similarly, born out of a deep-seated love for pickleball, Vinsguir emerged into the world.

Why Vinsguir?

Vinsguir, characterized by its vitality and dynamic energy, offers a diverse selection of pickleball paddles. These paddles not only showcase our unique design aesthetic but also prioritize performance excellence.

Enlighten Your Passion

Passion serves as the most natural source of motivation, and love stands as life's most formidable force. When your aspirations align closely with your core values, you'll wholeheartedly pursue your mission, driven solely by intrinsic purpose rather than seeking fame or gain. Pure love asks for nothing in return.

At Vinsguir, we liberate fitness from performance metrics and revive its original sense of joy and youthful enthusiasm. Through our unwavering commitment and unwavering professionalism, we aim to reignite your passion for pickleball and life.

Enlighten Your Passion is more than a motto; it's our promise to ignite your game with our energetic designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Dive into thedynamic world of Vinsguir and elevate your game.